RTC Cup - a robotic competition on a special test site, in which the robot must in the shortest time to overcome the obstacle, colored beacons to collect and deliver them to the appropriate color zones, perform additional tasks. Controlling the robot is remotely controlled. Route party selects and calculates itself, based on the abilities of the robot.

Polygon is a labyrinth with lots of diverse obstacles. Our team, like the following ones:

Elastic balls of different diameters - nonlinear dynamic obstacle.

Rotating platform "gipnozhaba" - an interactive obstacle to change its speed.

Tower - surround the obstacle with many levels.

Gullies - the most difficult obstacle to the landfill.

Rocker - slippery slide with variable slope.

The organizer of the competition - the State Research Center of Russia «Central Research and Development and Design Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics», one of the largest research centers in Russia. Among the main research institute of terrestrial mobile robots, space manipulators, vision systems for the protection and management of control systems soft landing spacecraft, radiation control systems, simulators.

Thanks to Oleg Shmakov and Irina Turovskaya for the opportunity to test the robot on the range CRDI RTC.

Test tracked mobile robotics platform

Episodes of the preparation and testing mobile tracked platform CRDI RTC

Test mobile tracked of the robot on landfill CRDI RTC