In the sector of robotics laboratory modeling of self-organization systems of the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk hosted a demonstration of robo-hockey - the game a group of mobile robots in hockey.

This initiative coincides with the holding in the capital of the Republic of Belarus Minsk city-hero of the World Championship in ice hockey hockey.

As in the present hockey players in robo-present protection and putter. In "Ice" hockey arena has a gate and puck. Distinguishes our robo-hockey superhuman perseverance and desire to win without getting tired.

The creators of the robot hockey May 9, 2014 decided that the date of birth of the game, which we dedicate the first in Belarus world championship in ice hockey hockey and the Victory Day of our forefathers.

We hope that, by analogy with the rules of competitions robots robot sumo in Japan, RoboRace in Ukraine Eurobot European Union, the World Olympiad of Lego robots robo-hockey will take its place and become the national game for creative, looking to the future, youth in the Republic of Belarus.

But the game was not created for the sake of the game itself. Robo-hockey is a testing ground for research in group behavior of robots. In hockey team win.

Scheduled four game modes:

1. Robo-hockey people managed remotely.

2. Robo-hockey people remotely controlled, but part of the robot operates - management program with elements of artificial intelligence. At the first stage of these robo-robo-hockey goalkeepers will.

3. Fully stand-alone game running supercomputer with an international network GRID Institute.

4. Access to the game via the Internet from all points of the online world.

Robo-hockey One by One

Robo-hockey gameplay