April 11, 2018, Company "Robotics and cloud technology" was registered.

Over the course of our existence, we have come a long way from creating the robotics sector in the "Laboratory for Modeling Self-Organizing Systems" led by Krot A. M. to the laboratory for the "Laboratory of Robotic Systems" at the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (UIIP NASB). Registration of our organization is a new stage in its development and the result of many years of fruitful work in the field of robotics and innovative technologies.

During the work, with the support of the Belarusian republican foundation for fundamental research, which provided funding, fundamental research was carried out:
  • grant BRFFR-RFFR No. Ф16Р-146 "Development of control algorithms for reconfigurable robotic devices based on the principles of self-organization of multi-agent systems";
  • grant BRFFR No. Ф14M-139 "Development of remote centralized control algorithms for a group of mobile robots";
  • grant BRFFR-GFFFIU No. Ф13K-144 "Development of methods for the operational processing and transmission of information for the effective management of mobile robots and mobile systems".
Scientific activity and productive cooperation with organizations of the Republic of Belarus in the field of robotics led to the creation of:
  • the current prototype four-wheel mobile robot with all-wheel drive;
  • a current prototype of a tracked mobile robot with all-wheel drive;
  • the current prototype wheeled mobile robot with an installed IP camera;
  • prototype of a mobile robot for building room maps;
  • prototype of a pocket robot in the form of a robotic ball;
  • educational complex for robotics;
  • autonomous mobile robot with neural network control;
  • mobile robots for robo-sumo and Roborace competitions, as well as arenas for testing robots and tracks for Roborace competitions;
  • RoboCake training robotic designer.

The results of scientific research and prototypes of robots were: demonstrated at Tibo international exhibitions, exhibitions dedicated to the days of science, national competitions and other national and international events, as well as highly appreciated by the organizers of the events.

Achievements in the field of robotics and active participation in competitions and tournaments ("Junior Skills Belarus 2016, Minsk open robot tournament, RoboRace, etc.) allowed our employees not only to win memorable prizes, but also to act as main experts, referee and jury members.

Developed by the staff of our organization, robotic-hockey (a game of a group of mobile robots in hockey) was presented at a competition of "100 ideas for Belarus", entering the top ten projects-finalists in the category "National robot sports competitions".