Employees of Robotics and Cloud Technologies visited the TIBO-2019 exhibition, which was held from April 8 to 12, 2019 in Minsk.

The exhibition featured products and achievements of enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus and foreign companies in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence systems, technical vision, video monitoring, systems such as "Smart Home" and "Smart City", as well as radio electronics and communications. The exhibitors also proposed solutions in the field of modern electric and electro-mechanical vehicles: electric cars, electric scooters, electric bicycles of joint production of enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and foreign organizations.

Developments in the field of robotics were presented by both mobile robots and stationary robotic manipulators, including:
  • robots for manufacture (JSC "Savushkin product");
  • autonomous carts;
  • a robot-barman (as part of the robotic complex "Stand autonomous tasting");
  • mobile robots on various types of chassis (tracked, wheeled, with omni-wheels);
  • robotic arms with housings made by means of 3-D printing;
  • and etc.

Of particular interest was the exposition of UIIP NAS of Belarus, which presented the latest developments in the field of robots and robotic systems: including the prototype of the patented robotic ball, the Stuart platform based on the Robocake robotic designer, the prototype of an anthropomorphic robot created by 3-D printing, russian-made robot promoter PROMOBOT v4, unmanned aerial vehicles and ground control system.

The employees of Robotics and Cloud Technologies interviewed the creator of the robotic ball Grigory Prokopovich, the head of the Laboratory of Robotic Systems at UIIP NAS of Belarus, which you can see on our website and on the Youtube channel.

Tibo 2019, the latest in robotics from UIIP NAS of Belarus.