During the festival, there were events such as scientific and technical conference, an exhibition of the latest achievements in high-tech manufacturing and robotic products and robotic competitions. Scientific and technical conference organized by the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Kovrov State Technological Academy named after VA Degtyareva. The event was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of higher education.

It is no accident platform for young robotics competition began Kovrov - a city where design and manufacture of robots in the enterprise Open Joint Stock Company “V.A.Degtyarev Plant”.

Robotics competitions were held in the following nominations: «robot soccer», «RoboRace», «SUMO», «Line», «Sorting», «Labyrinth», «First FLL», «Mobile Systems».

The results of prize competitions:

The competition "Labyrinth" - 3rd place was the team of «Star Wars» (Nizhny Novgorod), composed of: Olga Rodionova and Vladislav Romanov; 2nd place - team «KSTA 1» (Kovrov), composed of: Maxim Belov and Vladimir Grigorenko; 1st place went to the team «KSTA 2» (Kovrov), one participant - Sergei Pshenichnyi.

The competition "Line" - 3rd place Team "cat" (Nizhny Novgorod), composed of: Alexander and Timothy Kolotova; 2nd place went to the team «SVGU» (Magadan), composed by Alexander Dotsenko and Artem Neylad; 1st place won the team «Android-Russia» (Kovrov), composed of: Nikolay Petrov and Andrei Sychev.

In the race of robots «RoboRace» - 3rd place Team «Robotics.by» (Minsk), composed of: Sergei Gerasuto and Prokopovich Grigory; 2nd place went to the team «They» (Kovrov), composed of: Sergei Pronin and Marat Soegov; 1st place - team «SVGU» (Magadan), composed of: Artem Neyland and Alexander Dotsenko.

All the participants received prizes, and the winners got e-books, laptops and tablet computers. The youngest roboticist - Nizhegorodets Timothy Kolotov from the team "Cat" won the People's Choice Award, received as a gift a set of Lego Green City by the festival organizers.

Sponsors of the Festival, providing its holding to such a high level, are: Board of Directors Kovrov enterprises, Joint-Stock Company «TVEL», Open Joint Stock Company “V.A.Degtyarev Plant”, ОАО «ВНИИ «Сигнал», ОАО «КЭМЗ», ОАО «КМЗ», ООО «КЗТО», company «АБМ», ОАО «СКБ ПА». Great help in the organization of the forum was the company «Lego» and «National instruments».

Our robot into competition «RoboRace»

Our robot into competition «Line»

Robot LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT 2.0 into competition «Лабиринт»

Working with the remote control system robot «Varane»

Report of the «Neural network control method of the robot arm»

Working robot «Varane»