Tuesday, March 17 in Minsk opened an interactive roboshou «Ball of robots», which were presented to the mechanisms of varying degrees of difficulty from America, Europe, South Korea and Japan. The exposition presents about 20 robots 15 species. Minsk became the fifth city, which brought «Ball of robots». Before that, he was in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Krasnodar.

The staff of our laboratory, Sergey Gerasyuto and Prokopovich Grigory visited the exhibition together with the correspondent of the magazine «Big». They conducted a detailed tour of the exhibits and at the same time told when the Belarusians will be able to boast of something similar. More about this you can read in «Big».

One of the most interesting exhibits is a robot «Tespian». Tespian developed two years as one of the actors of the troupe for submission to the Mechanical Theatre Company Enineered Arts Ltd. It is equipped with cameras and sensors, gesture recognition, and is able to recite poems, show «emotions», to determine the sex of the interlocutor, operate in of telepresence where the operator is at any distance from the «Tespiana». Interestingly, in addition to electricity, Tespian need air, as his «muscle» pneumatic.

Also interesting might seem robotic tennis: it is both a toy and a coach for the table tennis lovers. The robot is controlled remotely by the console and can throw 25 to 80 balls per minute for different trajectory.

In addition, the «Ball robots» were presented robot assistant, ready to act as a companion for the elderly, of telepresence mobile robot, industrial robot Baxter, as well as some dancing robots, who famously danced for Michael Jackson and Psy. Thanks to the robot dancers, engineers can find a permanent solution to the center of gravity.

Those wishing to relax and relieve stress waiting for the robot seal «Paro», who entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most therapeutic robot in the world: it is used in hospitals and nursing homes - where to keep the animal is currently difficult. Robot animal responds to touch, responds to its name and produces sounds like the voice of a baby seal. However, this is the only robot to which it was hard to get to - it put on display under glass.

The exhibition was organized by several areas: robot laboratory, where children could gather from the designer's own robot and robosumo, robofoto, robomarket. The program of the exhibition presented various workshops of famous Belarusian robotics and lectures.