Sector employees robotics laboratory simulation of self-organizing systems of the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, along with other young scientists participated in the district competition papers research character "UNDER THE SIGN OF THE XXI CENTURY" as judges and demonstrated technical basis educational and methodical complex robotics on technologies.

The work was conducted in 8 subject sections:

1. Physics and Mathematics.

2. Computer science.

3. Biology, ecology, geography, chemistry.

4. History, civics, labor training.

5. Labor training.

6. Russian language and Literature.

7. Belarusian language and literature.

8. English, French, German. Philology. Country Study.

Great interest was a master class in robotics technologies. It included lectures, shows the operation of robots and robots held group game "Lunar construction" with students.

Robots have been demonstrated:

1. Autonomous robot sumo sports.

2. Autonomous robot research with neural network controller with the possibility of additional training.

3. Remote controlled wheeled robot with four-wheel drive.

4. Autonomous robot sports competition under the rules of the RoboRace competition.

The outcome of the master class was a scientific and educational activities to familiarize with the latest in robotics, with the technical capabilities educational and methodical complex robotics.

Master-class on robotics