Sector Robotics UIIP NASB completed work on the creation of innovative educational robotics constructors.

The product line includes:

RoboCake Beginner - quickstart through exciting games and robo-sports for beginners;

RoboCake Student - deep dive into the details of the functioning of robotics devices in the training of pupils and students;

RoboCake Professional - maximum functional filling for robotics experts witch have already taken place.

On the stand were presented designed mobile robots and related services information for their work.

The proposed constructor comparison with existing analogues, which is only abroad, has several advantages, among them - the use of standard industrial sensors, as well as the original reconfigurable chassis, universal card management system and open source software of its own production.

April 21, our pupils from the National Center for innovation and technical creativity in the difficult struggle took 2 nd place in the competition 'Robodrom'. Granted our robot programming technique and sensor configuration motivates guys to continue exercise robotics.

Belarusian teaching robotics constructor 'RoboCake' Beginner in motion.

Tibo 2016 - competition 'Robodrom', 2nd place our crawler robot.