III International Conference «Skolkovo Robotics» was held in Hypercube «Skolkovo» on 20-22 March 2015. At one site together prominent international experts robotics, representatives of research and research teams, start-ups and other participants. The conference was attended by about 1,200 people.

The conference program was divided into two parts: lectures and practical. Lecture part of the event included a plenary session on the theme:

1. Intelligent Robotics in new industrial technologies

2. Prospects for the commercialization of robotics and trends

3. Robotics and advanced industrial technologies

4. Intelligent Robotics in new industrial technologies

5. Man and machine - aspects of interaction,

as well as round table discussions on the following areas:

1. Production automation: robots for industry

2. Educational robotics

3. Neurotechnology in modern robotics

4. Robotics in Medicine

5. Roboetika

6. Human-Computer Interaction

7. The main areas of advanced research in intelligent robotics.

The practical part of the conference was a vast demonstration of personal robots and robotics competitions, test systems.

In addition, the program includes just two «robo hack» in which the young team could «here and now» to propose and implement a useful and necessary project. One of these "robo hacks" Hackathon was an industrial design service robotics. The second was dedicated to the creation of projects for people with disabilities.

Conference organizers are not passed by the investment section for robotics projects, which enjoyed great success at a conference last year. This year, under this section, anyone could tell from the stage about the project and try to gather under his command.

The conference also hosted an exhibition of robotic projects, where our team is presented and demonstrated its robotic designer «RoboCake» and other universal mobile robots robotics sector in our laboratory.