Sector of Robotics UIIP NASB finished complex of works on testing of advanced remote control systems, the electrochemical power source and tracked chassis in laboratory and field conditions.

The chassis is provided by Dmitry Evdokimov, experimental power source (Li-Po battery), specially designed JSC "Energia", Elets, for use in robotic devices, and devices requiring high-quality power sources.

Trials covered a typical situation when working robot indoors and outdoors in conditions as close as possible to the operational.

The need for such research and testing related to the fact that the mobile robot with a load capacity of less than 200 kg, there are many technical solutions in comparison with the large payload robots. Another problem is the scale of technical solutions while maintaining the modularity of robotic devices.

Robotics practitioners constantly having to be in search of an optimal combination of technical solutions for each component of robotic devices.

For ourselves, we see the need for such research and studies on chassis of type, control systems based on artificial intelligence technologies, power sources, mechanisms of interaction and interface robot-robot and robot-person.

According to test results, we plan to further development and improvement existing solutions.

Demonstration of integrated work a crawler robot.

The first running tests for an a crawler chassis of mapmaker robot.

The first field tests a crawler chassis for mapmaker robot.

Field tests a crawler chassis for mapmaker robot in the forest.