The exhibition «Tibo-2015" brought together more than 200 companies from 13 countries. Forum events visited by more than 28,000 representatives of enterprises in various sectors of the economy, public administration, education, research and design institutes from all regions of Belarus, the countries of near and far abroad.

XXII Forum Topics «Tibo-2015»:

1. Telecommunications equipment and communication systems.

2. Systems and equipment for fixed and mobile networks. Telecom operators. Mass communication. Data centers.

3. Television and multimedia technologies.

4. Mobile Technologies.

5. IT systems for corporate clients, small and medium businesses.

6. Peripherals.

7. Industrial automation systems, design and management.

8. Power systems, energy-saving systems, air conditioning and ventilation.

9. Technology e-business.

10. Banking and Financial Technologies.

11. Internet technologies, web-design, cloud computing.

12. Databases and data, call-centers, big data.

13. Software, consulting and services.

14. Security systems.

15. Publishing systems and operational polygraphy. Office technologies.

16. Geo-information and navigation technology.

17. Electronic components. Measuring equipment. Technologies of "smart house".

18. Scientific research training centers, technical literature.

19. E-government.

20. Gaming and entertainment technologies.

21. Industry IT solutions (energy, transport, industry, construction, architecture, agriculture, education, health and social services).

22. Information technology for households.

23. Digital technics, photo and video equipment.

24. Robotics.

The conference also hosted an exhibition of robotic projects, where our team is presented and demonstrated its robotic constructor 'RoboCake' and other universal mobile robots from Robotics Sector in our laboratory. There were the following prototypes of robots:

1. Transport robot for "smart house" remote-controlled from a smartphone based on Android software platform.

2. Robot for monitoring facilities for "smart house" remote-controlled from the tablet-based Android software platform with a demonstration of streaming video with Wi-Fi camera.

3. Robot to participate in robot competitions in the rules of Roborace.

4.The prototype of a spherical robot.

5. Robot-hockey players.

6. Tracked chassis.

7. The design of the walking robot.

8. Autonomous and remote-controlled robots based on teaching constructor 'RoboCake'.

Technology of sending commands to the robot and voiced via sound based on teaching robot constructor 'RoboCake'