The exhibition in the period from 24 to 26 April 2013 hosted XX Belarusian Congress of Telecommunications, communications, security, information and banking technologies.

The objectives of the XX Anniversary of the exhibition were: Summing up the development of the information society in the Republic of Belarus, the identification of problems and proposals for improvement of the state policy in the field of information and improve the efficiency of budget spending for the purposes of information; promotion of the Belarusian market of new technological solutions; promotion of the achievements of information technologies in the broad layers of the Belarusian society to attract investments in ICT development; promote the development of national information industry and entrepreneurship in the IT field; improving the training and retraining of IT professionals.

As part of the thematic conferences have been considered the use of geographic information, navigation and aerospace technology and information industry culture. New high-tech services to the public and corporate users demonstrate national operator "Beltelecom", leading mobile operators and cable operators.

The forum TIBO-2013 Republican competition of innovative projects in the IT field Belarus Startup 2013 summarizing XI online premium TIBO'2013, the Conference of the developers of computer games and computer sports competition.

At the Forum hosted the exhibition "Mass Media in Belarus", which annually brings together print and electronic publications, news agencies, distributors of printed products, printing and publishing from around the world.

Our main exhibits of the exhibition stand has become a universal mobile robots, a demonstration of their work, the board of management of the lower level.

At the exhibition our team showed the integration of voice synthesis of the internal processes of recognition of the obstacles to universal mobile robot on crawler tracks.

«Tibo-2013» a belarusian robot.