In the exhibition complex «Belexpo» completed a Republican Expert Council Youth Union Youth Competition «100 ideas for Belarus». According to the results of our developments in robotics have been recognized by relevant.

Chairman of the Council of the Republic, Mikhail Myasnikovich said:

«The Belarusian economy needs creative ideas of youth»;

«We see that the traditional economy is in need of updating. It is necessary to form a new production, technological orders. Do not replace the old, and in addition to»;

«When I studied the projects I did for myself opening. It seemed, in some area is something difficult to come up, and young people is a good solution»;

According to the results of the contest among the top ten, two of our projects «National sports competitions by robots» and «Robotics constructor».

National sports competitions by robots:

1. Project goals and objectives.

In the absence of national sports competitions of robots is proposed to introduce a line of regional robotics competition with the final in Minsk aimed at popularizing scientific and technical creativity and increase the prestige of the engineering profession among students. The main objective of the competitions - establish a system of vocational guidance and training of technical personnel potential of the Republic of Belarus from school. The proposed event will have a pronounced focus on real production.

2. Specifying the target group, which is designed project.

This project is designed for talented young people, enhancing technical outlook and conduct early career counseling students, attract students to enter technical specialty schools.

3. An analysis of the problem raised.

The urgency of this proposal is determined by high social importance of sporting event in the life of human society. Formed over the years a system of sports competitions is understood by us as a specific form of its social development. It is a socially determined order in the planning, organization and conduct of sporting events based on certain principles in order to promote the development of mass sports, the growth of sports achievements, improving people's physical abilities. Therefore, we believe that the robotic competitions must have the status of national and promotion strategy on par with sports.

4. Expected results.

National sports competitions by robots will annually:

Promote technical creativity in the sphere of high technologies;

Engage young people to engage in robotics;

To develop the ability to create and work in a team;

Identify and support the talents of motivating them to further creative feats for the benefit of the Republic of Belarus.

Robotics constructor:

1. Project goals and objectives.

The aim of this project is to increase the effectiveness of the training schools and students of secondary and higher education the basics of robotics, mechanics, electronics and computer science, as well as raising public awareness and enhancing the prestige of engineering specialties, at the expense of providing appropriate educational institutions with modern robotic kits.


- development of a universal modular chassis-based designer of mobile robot;

- the development of hardware and software components of systems management as a separate robots and teams of mobile robots;

- the development of teaching materials for teaching the latest technology of robotics to real-world examples;

- through the use of their own open source software to attract the maximum number of both professionals and ordinary users to fully test the proposed constructor, as well as identifying its new features that will significantly increase its attractiveness and competitiveness;

- the maximum use of their own software and hardware components, services, domestic experts and suppliers of components for the designer.

2. Specifying the target group, which is designed project.

The proposed robotic constructor is intended for research in the field of robotics, as well as use in the learning process of students of technical colleges, schools and centers of technical creativity and so on. Thus, the proposed robot designer will be in demand among scientists, experts, teachers and students.

3. An analysis of the problem raised.

The use of robotics in the non-industrial spheres of human activity was the impetus for the development of new information technology industries, among which include speech recognition and visual scenes, control robotic devices via the Internet, as well as remote storage databases and knowledge bases for control robots. This explains the growing interest in recent years among academic institutions and leading engineering schools around the world to the disciplines of the profile. Development of non-industrial areas in robotics as extreme, and domestic service robots require not only new approaches to their design and management, and the creation of modern scientific and educational basis.

Thus, one of the solutions designed to remedy the lack of training and methodological material in the field of robotics and information technology, is the use of educational and scientific purposes on the basis of universal constructors of small mobile robots.

The project is based on the ideology of open software and hardware, and includes three components: a scalable hardware platform, software, and Internet community of users with different levels of initial training, as well as the various goals and objectives.

The used hardware platform is an original collapsible chassis capable of tasks modified in significant examples, and a set of several specialized single-board microcontroller modules with a system of universal interfaces. Basic Module Management System, implemented the basic functions of movement and control the running of the mobile robot platform is designed as a separate and functionally completed board. The board includes a microcontroller port for interfacing with other modules, a connector for a wireless network and a low-power modem driver collector motors. These elements provide the user with the basic module the minimum necessary set of controls for running the mobile robot platform.

The software includes a library of modules for the microcontroller, and a number of programs for the personal computer, you need to program and control the mobile robot.

An important role in the design and debug of devices based on the developed platform is the Internet, which opens access to the latest versions of the software, diagrams and drawings. As a result, the development is open to all interested Internet users.

4. Expected results.

By the concentration of a large number of stakeholders with different levels of training and its own set of goals (scientists, experts, teachers, students and pupils), but working to improve one particular software and hardware products, is expected to achieve positive synergies. Thus, special attention is paid to the proposed project independent practical work of end users.

Knowledge, skills and technical solutions, received by teachers and students in the implementation of the proposed project, to be used in industry for the development and production of innovative solutions in robotics.

Innovative projects «National sports competitions by robots» and «Robotics constructor» became the winners of the Republican contest BRYU «100 ideas for Belarus» in 2015 over 2014.