The International Exhibition of Armament and Military Equipment “Milex-2011” was held in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus. The overall number of participants counted for 149 organizations, enterprises and educational establishments: 102 of them are Belarusian, 38 from the Russian Federation, 5 from Kazakhstan, 3 from Ukraine and 1 is Armenian.

The exhibition was dedicated to robots and robotic systems, developed by our enterprises. Certainly they are constructed as military-oriented; however, sensors and constructions may be deployed wherever needed.

You can check and share your opinion on the most interesting combat robots developments of “Milex-20011”, photos and video of one of them. Supplementary material is available on the robot-makers websites:

JSC NPP Belsoft (Belsoft Research and Production Enterprise) has introduced:

1. Multifunctional floating robot rover “Skarab”.

2. Prospecting robot.

3. Robot-observer "CRICKET".

4. Inspection robot.

Design office “INDELA” has presented:

1. Remote supervision system based on a pilotless flying vehicle "INDELA I.N.SKY".

2. Robotic cell aerial target "Berkut".

3. Air reconnaissance robotic cell "INDELA – 6M".

JLLC “Systemtronics” has presented:

1. Unmanned aerial vehicle "Chibis".

LLC “Midivisana” has exhibited:

1. Complex of efficient country monitoring based on pilotless flying vehicle "BUSEL".

Plc “AGAT-management systems” has introduced:

1. Special-purpose robotic platform "Salamander".

Plc “AGAT-management systems”, Plc “558 ARZ” and Design office “INDELA” have presented:

1. Tactical unmanned flying vehicle "Vulture-1".

Plc Design office “Display” has introduced:

1. Manageable observation-and-fire system "Adunok-M".

"Milex-2011" robot-cross-country vehicle demo

"Milex-2011" demonstration of the robot for mine clearance