Meca Soft International, Foreign Limited Liability Company

Full name of the company: Meca Soft International, Foreign Limited Liability Company

Abbreviated name of the company: Meca Soft International, IOOO (Founded in: 2003)

Mailing Address: 9 Komsomolskaya Ulitsa, Minsk, 220030, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 306 28 11

Fax: +375 17 306 28 10


Top Executive: Stephan Blusson

Title: Director

Telephone: +375 29 6436341


Contact person: Tatiana Konanevich

Position: Assistant Director

Telephone: +375 17 306 28 11

Fax: +375 17 306 28 10


Number of Employees: 15

Number of IT Specialists: 8

About the Company:

Meca Soft International has been working in Minsk since 2003. It is managed by a team of European outsourcing specialists. The company belongs to a partnership group of companies lead by MSI France (TMITech France, TMITech UK, Till Computer Systems UK, TMSI Technologies Canada, SysMeca Ingenierie France). This group specializes in industrial software programming and research and development in the industrial sphere. Our domains are robotics software, industrial printers software, specific devices development (GSM, GPS, interactive kiosks, Electronic Payment Systems) and any activities requiring a strong multi-skilled team who employ innovative technologies. We have developed our know-how in mechanical design (from the pilot study to CAD drawings, including mechanical calculations and documentation); in computer programming, in optical and vision projects, in electronic projects, and in creation of special machines. Meca Soft International is capable of managing every stage of the development project. We can intervene at any stage, from drawing up specifications (UML formalism applied to the situation and needs analysis data) to software development and delivery (UP method).

Another field of development is Internet technologies, from website creation to search engine optimization (SEO).

Finally, Meca Soft is developing its activities in the field of PLM application for automobile industry.