Full name of the company: OCSICO (OCS Innovation Company)

Founded in: 2002

Mailing Address: 4th Floor, 10A Biruzova Str. 220073 Minsk, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 2908639

Fax: +375 17 2908604

e-mail: contact@ocsico.com

Web-site (URL): www.ocsico.com

Top Executive: Vadim Shevchuk

Title: Director

Contact person: Alesia Stolepchenko

Position: Head of Sales & Business Development

Telephone: +375 17 2908639

Fax: +375 17 2908604

e-mail: contact@ocsico.com

Number of Employees: 70+

Number of IT Specialists: 60+

Seeking Cooperation in:

OCS Innovation Company (OCSICO) is a professional and reliable Eastern European software development services provider delivering exceptional, cost-effective outsourcing solutions.

We offer project-based software development and also set up dedicated teams and offshore departments. We deliver services that enable our customers to achieve their goals and maximize business success.

Our companys extensive experience, team proficiency and skills convince customers to choose us as a strategic outsourcing partner for:

1. Custom applications development

a) Mobile/wireless applications development

b) Web design and development

c) SharePoint development

d) Embedded systems development

2. Science-intensive products development

a) Computer vision expertise

3. Software testing and quality assurance

4. Maintenance and support

5. IT infrastructure support services