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 Software Development Software Development

Our company provides services for the development, revision and transfer of old programs to new platforms.
The main areas of our activity are:

  • Creation of cloud services based on local and desktop applications (for example, there is a desktop application that encodes video. A cloud application with fast connections has the ability to encode video with a specialized video adapter faster and with more stringent encoding options). Using a cloud service allows you to provide rental of such a service on demand (as opposed to a locally installed application);
  • Development of a mobile application based on the desktop or mobile version of the desktop application (for example, there is a desktop application that works with the scanner and reads barcodes. It is possible to develop a mobile version of the application that works through the library using a mobile phone);
  • Integration of applications with third-party services, writing plugins, components, updating base libraries.

We also provide high-quality technical support for the software we developed.